Mirrored lens sunglasses have gone way beyond their first incarnations as ‘cop shades’ or the sporty wraparound style often seen in extreme sports. Featuring a reflective coating on the lens to achieve that mirrored look, today there’s a ‘mirror’ for every cool-kid mood and shape your heart desires, be it oversized, round, aviator or plain square. So: who’s the fairest of them all? Our mirror, mirror, on the wall invites you to check out our round-up below.

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Shine on in one of these mirrored-lens gems: the red-tinged Cleo’s timeless round frame, the Lois's oversized square for quirky-chic ensembles, the silver Cecily for a bold mod futuristic look or the antique silvered Kai for an edgy urbanite feel.

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Reflect your super style and try these on for size: the classic Benni wayfarer tuned up with a red mirrored finish, the Sidi for a bold sporty square perfect for festivals or the beach, the blue mirrored Miles’s aviator charm, or the sleek, clubmaster approved Arlo wrap-around. The dynamic, orange-mirrored Harry aviator shades also get the job done nicely.

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It’s no surprise that our mirrored-lens bestsellers belong to Kim Kardashian West: the queen of cool and ultimate ‘reflector’ of trends. The Nirvana, Rider, Gemini, Sahara and Chaotix KKW created for Carolina Lemke all feature a colored mirror-lens sporty shield design to next-level your style - and reflect back into your eyes whatever fun pool party, beach or sporty occasion you’re at. And how could we forget the Rocker or Ty - both versatile fashion-forward mirrored numbers to throw-on for any occasion.

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