Carolina Lemke is an eyewear brand that works under a modern code: fashion comes first, and fashion is for all. We believe that we’re way past the point of one trend or one voice dictating how you should dress each season. Multiple looks can be “in” at any given time; what really matters is pride in individuality, and how you envision, curate and own your wardrobe. This approach is never (and will never go) out of style.

Our Ethos

Carolina Lemke’s sunglasses and optical models shine with singular confidence. Of course, we have our well-dressed icons, but we look to them more for overall motivation rather than people to imitate. Through hundreds of our forward-thinking and fun designs, we want you to become the icon—we want you to create your own statement fashion moments. We’re all about a fashion chameleon. Change it up, whenever you want, however you want. There are no rules.


The Caroline Lemke aesthetic is inspired by the a European style and was born out of the progressive art, music and fashion scenes of Berlin. Designing for a global audience in mind—combining communities and cultures, together, through eyewear.

New Arrivals